March means “Punkie’s Place”!

Yessss, I’m headed to Punkie’s Place again!  I do love this time of year.  It’s quiet at the beach so I pack up and take my “girls” to the Round Top Antique Shows and set up at Punkie’s in Warrenton.  Talk about “girl time”, it’s the perfect place to hang out with your besties, enjoy cocktails (btw, mermaids do drink, they seem to prefer red wine), shop and shop and shop! The days are long and the nights are full of girl talk and great food. Come on!

Here are some new things from Mermaid Sketches…

Semi-customs, round top girls, donkeys, mermaids mermaids mermaids, tee shirts…and much more!  I’ll be there for custom work too…so excited!

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