Headed to Round Top

Hi Mermaids!

Exciting things are happening. I’m leaving my beautiful beach and heading to Warrenton, Texas to join Punkie’s Place for a week at the Round Top Show. You can find me there with new products and my artwork, of course!




So come by and see me. Let me bring out the mermaid in you and your girlfriends with my semi-custom artwork, created while you wait.
See you at Punkie’s!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.45.37 AM

2 thoughts on “Headed to Round Top

  1. Hi I’ve seen your works and love them! Been to Punkies place. I’m wondering how I can shop your pieces? Would like to get something for my sister in-law’s birthday.


  2. Hi! So happy to hear from you, would you email me Patti@mermaidsketches.com, i do almost all my business via email and if you follow me on instagram I post all of my new work pyoachum…most of work is custom, i can walk you thru it


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